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3 Mistakes with Social Media and Real Estate

Categories: Home Selling, Tips & Secrets | Posted: January 5, 2012

Social Media is in and on everything these days. You can’t look at a print ad or visit a website without the Twitter bird flying out or seeing the familiar Facebook symbols. But it seems like the big question for people with business or in this case with real-estate to sell is: “How can all these sites help me sell my homes? First off, I think it’s important to say right off the bat, that just using Social Media will not sell your homes. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, Google+ and so on, are not the undiscovered Holy Grail for real-estate sales. What they can do, if used correctly, is two-fold. They will give a personal voice to you and your business and get what you’re selling where people are looking. Gone are the days where you can run a newspaper ad and be done.

Buyers are online everyday, everywhere, all the time. Using these Social Media sites with your other forms of marketing and creating a unified plan will help you sell. But what we wanted to talk to you about are some very common mistakes many real estate agents make when using Social Media.


1. Pushing The Info. Part of using Social Media to help sell homes is talking about them. Just remember that the word “Social” is part of Social Media and it needs to be a two way conversation. If you bombard your followers with listings and prices you won’t gain more and may lose some you have. People need a reason to follow you, make it fun, interesting and interactive. Keep them wanting to come back and see what’s new.

2. Who’s Doing the Socializing? The best person to talk about the homes you’re selling is you! But if you are going to pass on your Social Media to another make sure it is someone who has a love of communication and doesn’t mind exposure to the public. Social Media takes someone with a voice and to often it’s passed onto the most inexperienced intern at the office who may not even like being social! So make sure you know who is doing the talking.

3. Don’t Get Overwhelmed. Remember this is supposed to be fun! The best way to tackle the Social Media world is one media at a time. Start out with what makes sense to you and what you’re comfortable with. Then add Twitter or Facebook or Flickr. It’s better to be comfortable and efficient with one then not know what you’re doing with many. The rest will follow. When you get more comfortable, try using apps that bring everything together and help you manage your time. HootSuite is a great app that will bring all your Social Media sites together and help you preschedule your tweets and posts for the day.

Dylan Hawkins

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