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Become an Expert Holiday Host with these Easy-to-Follow Tips

Categories: Articles | Posted: November 17, 2018


Getting ready to host a holiday party in your new home? Preparing for a large gathering can be a bit overwhelming but we’re here to help. First tip, don’t try to tackle everything at once. Take the preparation in easy-to-manage tasks so you can enjoy the process and get ready for a lovely holiday bash.

Use these pieces of advice to help you get started on your holiday party prep.

Decorate with a Purpose

If you’re purchasing new decor items, make sure you’re investing in pieces that can be used over and over again. For example, instead of real flowers, try using silk flowers instead. Even ones that aren’t holiday specific, so you can leave them out for months to come.

Create Purposeful Storage Space

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a dedicated coat storage area instead of throwing all of the parkas on your spare bed? Clean out a closet near the entryway to create a coat space or purchase a coat tree if you’re expecting smaller gatherings. And add cubbies or shelves to store hats, gloves and umbrellas. The little details matter.

Have a “Stain Aid” Kit

Spills happens. Especially with savory snacks and delectable cocktails. Save Aunt Tammy’s beloved white Christmas sweater from the dreaded red wine stain with a stain fighting kit. Add in some club soda, a hand towel, Shout wipes and a Tide To-go pen to ensure that you’re fully prepared to whatever stains come your way. Seriously, you’ll be an A+ host with this trick.

Curate a Playlist

With apps like Spotify and Pandora, creating festive playlists is a snap. Search the already prepared lists for some great curations that go above and beyond the standard holiday tunes. If you want to make your own collection of tunes, here are some great tips for getting started.

Make Overnight Guests Feel at Home

If you’re hosting friends or family overnight, ensure they feel 100% welcome. Some of our favorite tips include creating a personalized sign to welcome them for their stay, make a small sign with the wifi information, stock up their bathroom with all their toiletry needs and plenty of towels, and provide them with storage for clothing and a place to conveniently place their suitcase. For inspiration, think of your best hotel or Airbnb stays and mimic those experiences.

Deck Out the Entryway

Finally, the entryway is the first encounter with the rest of your home. Make sure it’s tidy and comfortable. Add a cushioned seating area where guests can easily take off and put on shoes, add a slip resistant mat at the doorway, and ensure that all of your lights are working outdoors so there’s a clear pathway into your home.

And most importantly, enjoy the experience of hosting in your new home.


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