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Home Buyer Seminar at Bennetts Creek Square

Categories: Announcements, Homebuying | Posted: August 26, 2015

Last night, Napolitano Homes hosted another Home Buyer Seminar at the Bennett’s Creek Square Clubhouse, located in Northern Suffolk. Speaking to a crowded room of over 35 Napolitano Homes buyers and prospects, John Napolitano led the discussion on the many facets of buying, building, closing, and owning a home. This unique seminar is an incredible opportunity to not only meet and talk with your builder, but also to learn about the processes that Napolitano Homes has in place for transforming an empty homesite into your dream home that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

John Napolitano John Napolitano Home Buyer Seminar


As we often say, our mission at Napolitano Homes is to provide every customer with the absolute best new home buying experience. We truly feel like the Home Buyer Seminar is a great example of the myriad ways Napolitano Homes goes above and beyond in services for our customers. Few, (if any) new home builders in Hampton Roads provide this type of informational seminar, which we host every 2 months or so. John Napolitano spends about an hour speaking to the group, and then opens the floor to a questions and answers session. John covers many important topics over the course of the evening, including detailing each conference you can expect with your site builder (Pre-Construction, Framing, and Orientation), what happens if you have a question about your home that the site agent can’t answer (Customer Inquiry Form), what is involved in the Closing Process (remember to put power, gas, and water in your name!), and what to expect once you own your home (understanding your warranty, the 12 week service request, and year end inspection). Furthermore, John stresses the importance of studying your Maintenance Manual, a guide that John himself painstakingly studies adds information to every year that provides tips and suggestions for keeping your house running at peak condition. Home maintenance begins at day 1!

The Home Buyer Seminar is not just informational. While food and refreshments are served after the info session, friendships form at these events as neighbors come together and break the ice, well before moving in to their new homes. Last night’s seminar had many different communities in Suffolk and Chesapeake represented, including The Townes on the Square, The Vineyards Nouveau Series, Bob White Landing, Viridian Reserve at Hickory, and Hanbury Manor.

If you would like to attend the next Home Buyer Seminar, please email our Marketing Director, Dylan Hawkins, at [email protected]!

Dylan Hawkins

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