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Home “Sweet” Home – A New Home Buyer’s Journal, Part 2

Categories: Articles, Home Sweet Home, Homebuying | Posted: September 9, 2015

Eric and Jordan Sweet’s journey continues  as they describe the selections process, The Home Buyer Seminar, The Pre Construction Meeting with Mike Smith (Viridian Reserve’s Site Builder), and their excitement to see the beginnings of construction on their very first new home together. If you missed Part 1, catch up here to fill yourself in!

home sweet home


So many options!!!

I (Jordan) start by saying it is a wonderful thing that Napolitano gave us a 2 week window to decide all of the options we wanted our home because we certainly needed every minute of it! You never realize how many options you have to pick out to build a home until you start. We have always worked together as a team really well but picking out everything from what color outlets we wanted to the tile we wanted in our master bathroom was really starting to test that. Tara and Julian were so wonderful about helping to settle many, many style debates we had. We would come to the model almost every day and they would welcome us in to help continue picking out options. They always welcomed us in and were always happy to help us. Your eyes started to glaze over after the first couple of pages of options but having someone to help throughout the process is wonderful. Wait can we really do this? Are we having buyer’s remorse? – Oh yes this moment has come. When you start seeing all the options you wanted cause money signs to constantly pop up in your eyes, you feel overwhelmed to say the least. We started to question if we could really afford this home and if we were making the right decision. We never thought that these ideas would pop into our heads after finding our perfect model. We talked to Tara about all the feelings we were having and she calmed all doubts when she said “All homebuyers experience this at one time or another.”

My Notebook


I am very Type A, if I do not have organization I can get easily overwhelmed. My solution to our moment of buyer’s remorse was to create a notebook. I knew if I could just organize my thoughts I would calm down and we that this was still an obtainable goal of building a home. Tara and Napolitano loved my notebook taking several pictures of it to share with other homebuyers that might need that organization too. I have everything about our home in this notebook. I have the flyer to the floor plan, every addendum we ever had, any and every paper the builders ever gave us, our contracts from the bank and the builder.

We have a sign!! Look at our fence!

Sold in Viridian Reserve fencing in

This was such an exciting moment for us, after signing all of the paperwork and picking out our options this was the first time that it actually felt real to us that we were building our very first home. Neither Eric nor I had ever bought a home much less built one so the amount of excitement we felt to see a sold sign on our lot is unexplainable.

Home Buyer Seminar, meeting our neighbors

At the Home Buyers Seminar, Eric met with John Napolitano. Unfortunately I had to work so he had to go solo on this mission. He was very impressed with John and stated how he was very personableand made sure that he answered all questions that everyone had. At this meeting we learned what to expect throughout the building process from the builder and what they expected from us at certain times. This meeting offers a great opportunity to meet other Napolitano home buyers who signed contracts around the same time.

Meeting with Mike!

The building blocks of our home were down and at this moment it all becomes very real. “We are building a home!” Our meeting with Mike was a very informative meeting, we sat down in the model home and laid out before us were he plans for our home. He went through every feature and option we chose to ensure that it was plotted on the master plans that all the contracture would use. We then walked with Mike and Tara out to the home site and he talked with us about the different features Napolitano adds. One that really stuck out in my head as an example of them going above and beyond is the hurricane fasteners they add that is not required in the area.

Stay tuned for the next Home “Sweet” Home Journal entry, where Jordan and Eric start to see their homesite transform from an empty dirt space to the home of their dreams.

Dylan Hawkins

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