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Home “Sweet” Home – A New Home Buyer’s Journal, Part 3

Categories: Home Sweet Home, Homebuying | Posted: September 21, 2015

home sweet home

Eric and Jordan Sweet have made it through the contract, selection, and preconstruction stages (if you missed the first two posts, catch up with their story here). Now comes arguably the most exciting part: watching a new home come to life from the ground up! In this portion of the Home “Sweet” Home Buyer’s Journal, follow along as the foundation is poured, the walls start to go up, and the Framing Conference happens with their site builder Mike Smith.


The foundation is poured


I will say that when you first see your home laid out in concrete you stand in the middle of it and look around to try to imagine how your home will be the same size of the model. DO NOT freak out the house looks much smaller just looking at the floor outline but trust us we pulled out the tape measure and it is exactly the same size as the model.

To the windows, to the walls!


Our home was taking its shape it is so cool to see all of your rooms now coming to life. You can start to imagine you kitchen and living room. It really sparks the creative juices on pinterest to start playing the color scheme and layout you want in your home. All of a sudden your home goes from 2D to 3D as the first and second story walls go up.

More than building!

more than a building

I definitely want to take time to express that building our home was much more than just a foundation or a frame. It is the connection between you, your spouse and your builder and their agent. We felt welcome the second we stepped foot into the Riley model. Tara (the builder’s agent) has not only been someone we could go to for advice but someone who has become a friend to us. Also it is hard to remember sometimes but no one is perfect including your builder. Reality: you will find mistakes in your home! This was a hard idea for us to swallow at first but you have to remember that everyone is human including yourself. There are times when we got frustrated and would come to Tara and she would calm our worries and say “I’ll take care of it, don’t worry”. She stopped out several fires for us and it really made me think about how important it is to have a good relationship with your builder. Second reality: if you think that your builder is the only builder out there to make mistakes, you are mistaken.

Framing meeting with Mike!

framing conference framing conference1

This meeting really helped us to feel better about the attention to detail our builder has. All the issues we found after the framer’s were done just as twisted boards were fixed before we came into the home with Mike for our framing meeting. We walked through the home and he pointed out all of our extra options we added and where outlets were to be placed as well as the next stage of building that were could be expecting.

Taking an active role in our building

active role

We were at the home site every chance we got and we had to chance to meet several of our contractors. The one pictured above is the guy that was putting insulation in the garage during our framing meeting. We stopped and talked with him and he explained a lot of details about the type of insulation being put into the house. Being active with our building process allowed us to learn a lot of little details about the materials in our home that we would have never known.

The siding is on!

siding on

Wow that wood frame finally comes to life when we saw the siding on our home. We differed from the original color scheme a little with the color above the garage so we were very excited to see the color in real life instead of just small squares of sample Hardie Plank. It is beautiful and exactly what we wanted!

As you can see, the Sweet’s home is really coming together, and it’s time to start on the interior finishes. Keep an eye out for the next journal entry that describes the details and excitement of a home nearing completion!

Dylan Hawkins

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