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How Can I Be…Different?

Categories: Home Selling, Tips & Secrets | Posted: January 30, 2012

Standing out from the the crowd is something you hear a lot about these days with the housing market the way it is. Whether you’re a new home builder or Realtor, there’s certainly a lot of pressure to “Be Different.” But here’s the million dollar question. How? What can you do to stand out over everyone else selling homes in your area? Here are a few helpful tips and ideas that might help you get started on the road to differentiation and more homes sold!

1. Know where you are.
You need to take a step back and look at what the market is doing in your area. Don’t pay attention to what they’re saying on the national news. Narrow down the specific communities you’re selling in and the area you’re around the most. What do buyers and people in your market think is important when it comes to buying a home, or even real estate in general. But most importantly you want to find out what other Realtors are not doing and do it. Find a hole that no one else is filling and be that plug! There are so many Realtors that are online but you won’t remember half of them. Why? No one is going to remember something that looks like everything else.

2. Choose your brand and stay consistent.
Brand choice and consistency is very important if you want to rise above the sea of sameness. Your potential clients need to recognize it’s you when they see…well, you. Think about all the major companies out in the world today. Coke, Amazon, Google… I’m sure you can name a few more. Each one of these monsters has something unique they offer that helps them stand out from their competition and a brand that defines who they are as a company. After you have surveyed your market and defined what you offer as a Realtor that others don’t make sure everything you do reflects that. This will help you develop what you need to stand out from the crowd. Add it to all of your advertising, business cards and website. This unique offer, idea or “brand” will help buyers recognize your face as one that is better and more reliable then the next guy.

3. Get out there and get noticed!
Of course there are the obvious things you can do as a Realtor to stand out. What you need to start thinking about is using avenues that other Realtors are not. Social Media is one tool that can help you rise above your competitors. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube can get your listings and you where buyers are looking these days, online. If done correctly a well organized Social Media plan can help pump your business and only take 30 or so minutes out of your day. Learn more from our blog 3 Mistakes with Social Media & Real Estate. Another advertising tool that realtors tend to forget about is Public Relations. Get to know your local reporters from the newspaper and news stations. Let them know you’re an overflowing wealth of knowledge when it comes to real estate. When that reporter is looking for a local expert to comment on housing prices, new neighborhoods and so on, who will they turn to? Why you of course! Pushing your name front and center alone with your career.

4. Change with the times.
You really never will know it all. Even the best Realtors out there who are the top producers in their area will always have new things to learn. If you were to tell a Realtor 10 years ago where the market was going to be today and how technology has changed the way people buy homes it would blow their minds. (It blows ours daily).  The realtors that will be around next year and the one after that are going to be the ones who understand that their role is changing and they’re going to need to embrace the NEW. Develop a love of learning. If a new technology or idea comes out don’t think of it as a negative or just one more thing you need to learn. Instead, look at is as a new way to reach your clients! Embrace Social Media, smart phones, texting technologies and so on, because you know what? Your clients are.


Dylan Hawkins

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