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Categories: Announcements, Tips & Secrets | Posted: December 1, 2011

The holidays are definitely a busy and exciting time for everyone. There are parties to attend, gifts to be bought and decorating to be done. Just in case you are looking for a fun holiday event to attend we wanted to share with you a few of the options that are taking place at our different communities around Hampton Roads. These events are great to attend if you are interested in one of our communities but want to get to know the neighborhood a bit and meet some of the wonderful people that love where they live! Or if you just need something fun to do with some amazing food and fun people.

The Meadows at KempBridge in Chesapeake VA

Join us at KempBridge for some wine, cheese and holiday fun. Be one of the first 5 realtors to attend or 5 of the first homeowners to bring a friend and Napolitano Homes will give you a $10 Wawa Gift Card!

EMAIL us for more information about this event and others at KempBridge.

Bob White Landing in Suffolk VA

Lots to do at this holiday event at Bob White Landing! Pampered Chef, Premier Jewelry, Lia Sophia, Sentsy Candles and more. The Gold Refinery will also be there to purchase all your unwanted gold, silver and platinum jewelry. This is great timing too for some extra holiday gift money.

EMAIL us for more information about this event and others at Bob White Landing.

Dylan Hawkins

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