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Napolitano Homes Featured in Inside Business “Milestones”

Categories: Articles | Posted: August 9, 2017

Inside Business recently featured Napolitano Homes in their “Milestones” addition, recognizing our 40th year as a company in Hampton Roads. View the full article here.

Founded 1977, by Vincent Napolitano, in Virginia Beach

Headquarters 1492 South Independence Blvd., Virginia Beach

The business Homebuilder and land developer in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk and Moyock, N.C.

Current owners Vincent A. Napolitano, president; Frederick Napolitano ll, senior vice president; John C. Napolitano, senior vice president; and Theresa M. Napolitano, assistant secretary

Milestones reached 40 years in business, building over 5,000 homes and condominiums.

Obstacles overcome Survived several recessions over the years, as well as 19 percent mortgage interest rates in the late 70s.

Keys to longevity “As a family-run business, the No. 1 key to our longevity has been the good fortune my family has had to work with the men and women on our team who truly care about our customers and the homes we provide for their families,” Vince Napolitano said.

What’s next The next generation of the Napolitano family has already joined the company, so there is no end in sight. Recently entered the Richmond market with the acquisition of Boone Homes. Company sees Richmond as a vibrant economy with a very bright future, not tied to the military presence that exists in Hampton Roads.

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