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Napolitano Homes House Framing

Categories: Articles | Posted: May 16, 2017

Framing a house is one of the most exciting phases visually in the building process, watching the beginnings of a new home rise and take shape from what was once an empty homesite. It is also one of the most critical steps in new home building. The frame is the skeleton of the house. Strong and precise framing provides the strength a home needs to keep walls flat, floors level, and the roof sound. If corners are cut, a new home can quickly shift out of alignment, and no amount of expensive fixes can alleviate doors that don’t shut properly or cabinets and countertops that are tilted. That is why Napolitano Homes focuses heavily on the backbone of the home. All of our homes are engineered designs, and we take the initiative to go above and beyond standard framing practices. This results in a sturdy new home that will remain structurally sound for years to come. Have a look at this list of features that Napolitano Homes has in all of our homes, and be sure to compare to the competition when you are out house shopping!

  • 16” on center framing for all walls throughout house. Often times builders will build with 24″ on center framing for non-load bearing walls on the interior of the home as a way to cut cuts, but also reduces stability.
  • Minimum 2×6 door headers for all interior doors
  • Cathedral ceilings offered on most floor plans
  • I-Joist flooring system is engineered and it’s truer due to the fact that the surface is level throughout the entire member
  • I-Joist flooring system allows HVAC and plumbing to run through members to ensure no dropped soffits
  • Interior engineered sheathed walls (per plan) add more strength to ensure a more structurally sound home
  • Pull down stairs are included for every home
  • More windows included with Napolitano floorplans
  • Include covered front porches with all floorplans
  • Minimum 2×8 window header for all windows
  • Typar or Dow Weathermate Plus House Wrap used on exterior portion of home. Once the frame is completed, a high quality house wrap needs to protect it from moisture. We use some of the best house wrap on the market, which creates a superior barrier and eliminates excessive swelling and contraction, which can cause a frame to move out of alignment.

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