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Out with the Old & In with the New (Construction)

Categories: Homebuying, Tips & Secrets | Posted: November 11, 2011

We know as a buyer you hear a lot about the differences between new construction homes versus resale homes. But what is the difference? Other than having a builder tell you to purchase their new home how do you choose? Well, there are a bunch of reasons why new construction can in the end save you money, have an easier purchasing process, give you more control over what you want in a home and in general cause less headaches.

5 Reasons to Love New Construction Homes:

1. New Home Warranties: This is one of the biggest perks you will get when purchasing new home construction versus a resale home. Many times when you buy a resale home the warranties will no longer be in place, and that leaky roof or broken appliance can become a bigger issue then you thought.

2. Rapid Appreciation: A new home appreciates faster in equity than a resale home, especially during the first 5 years.

3. Fewer “Objections”: You won’t have any of the problems that often can accompany older homes.  Such as, that wet dog smell or some mysterious unknown stain on the carpet and any number of other resale issues that exist with older construction.

4. It’s All New: Everything in the home is brand new and ready for your family. As a buyer you don’t need to worry about changing out the old appliances or carpet. The home is clean, fresh and a pleasure to walk into. Napolitano Homes also has just started a new program where we will only be taking our inventory homes to a certain stage of completion, allowing you as the Home Buyer the opportunity to make certain custom selections. You can read more about this in our blog, Customizing Your Selections.

5. Energy Efficiency: A new home builder doesn’t necessarily have to be Energy Star approved to build homes that are Energy Efficient. The latest technology in green building and energy saving features are built into our new homes, from special insulation to window sealing. Your new home is going to be less costly to operate in the future then older homes.


Dylan Hawkins

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