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Outdoor Fall Decor Ideas

Categories: Articles | Posted: October 3, 2018

7 Outdoor Decor Tips for a Festive Fall Home

Now that your indoors are ready for Autumn, it’s time to spread that festive feeling to your home’s exterior. In this post, we’ve gathered a few ideas to help you get started and get your home completely ready for the fall season. Let’s get started!

Outdoor Fall Decor Tip #1: Hang Garland

Fall leaves are changing colors and these beautiful pieces of nature are the perfect addition to your entryway. Pro tip: Magnolia leaves are always a classic.

Credit: michelle.ladino.7

Outdoor Fall Decor Tip #2: Add Pops of Color

Make simple updates to your front porch by repurposing vintage wicker chairs with bright yellow paint. You can also add colorful floor mats, pillows. and potted plants also help liven up a space with bright pops of color.

Credit: plush_market

Outdoor Fall Decor Tip #3: Display Pumpkins on the Stairs

Carved pumpkins are lovely for Halloween, but these gourds are also great as a statement piece along your entering staircase. Consider painting pumpkins gold, white, or striped and polka dotted for an ultra chic effect.

Credit: Southern Living

Outdoor Fall Decor Tip #4:  Layer in Greenery

Start with the pumpkins and add in leafy greenery. You can mix and match different varieties of green along your stairwell or in with your leaves around the door for a gorgeous statement on your porch.

Credit: northfifthhome

Outdoor Fall Decor Tip #5:  Add Fall Flowers to your Window Boxes

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean your window boxes have to go bare. Add in fall floral arrangements and greenery, even little pumpkins and other gourds, to create gorgeous arrangements in these already established focal points.

Credit: myloveforfall

Outdoor Fall Decor Tip #6: Take Advantage of the Late Fall Harvest

Head to your local pumpkin patch to gather corn stalks and other foliage that you can add to your pillars or other areas of the porch for the ultimate rustic touch.

Credit: bleuluxelife

Outdoor Fall Decor Tip #7:  Don’t Forget the Mums

Mums are a great addition to any stairwell or entryway and these seasonal flowers are relatively easy to care for. Just water them a few times a week and they’ll grow into beautiful blooms that will last through the entire season.

Credit: thecottonfieldcottage
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