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Taking it for “Granite”

Categories: Announcements, Homebuying, Tips & Secrets | Posted: March 25, 2011
Granite Kitchen Countertop

A word we hear pretty frequently as builders is Granite, Granite, Granite! Buyers want their kitchens to wow people when they walk in and that usually means stainless steel appliances and GRANITE countertops. There’s just something about the statement it makes. We all agree granite looks good and adds something to your kitchen but what makes it so appealing and desirable to a buyer? I think to answer that question we need to dig a little deeper…literally. Napolitano Homes offers a wide variety of granite for our homes, and the vendor we use to supply us with all those unique pieces of stone is Builder’s Choice Marble and Granite.

But they have to get it from somewhere right? This is where the fun starts, granite as I’m sure you know is a stone and has to be brought up from a quarry. Companies like Arc Granite & Marble get to take care of that job. Bet you didn’t know that almost 50% of the commercial granite brought into this country is from Brazil (well maybe you did know but this was news for me). To obtain this special rock, raw blocks of stone are usually blasted out of a mountain side in a quarry.

Granite Quarry

Then those huge blocks make their merry way to a gang saw ( we’re not talking about that thing your dad has in the garage he sometimes attempts to cut bathroom tile with, this is a little more hardcore). These saws then cut the blocks into sequential slabs. The sequential part of that sentence is important because if the slabs from one block of stone are kept together properly then VOILA, you can purchase matching countertops for your kitchen or bathroom.

“huge” Granite Saw


But it is still just raw unfinished stone at this point, so how do they make it worthy of your fabulous kitchen? A little polishing is all it takes to bring out the unique color and detailed patterns within the stone. There are so many colors and patterns you can find granite in that it makes decorating possibilities limitless. Next to the polisher below are some options we offer at our Cedar Run community in Richmond, VA.

Polishing Machine & Finished Napolitano Granite Samples

This sink is a good example of how the unfinished ( not shiny ) granite stone can be used and look just as unique.

Unfinished Granite Sink

To get back to my original statement about why do buyers value this stone so much in their homes and look for it in their kitchens? I’m sure it has a lot to do with the quality of granite in general, it is a very hard stone and is not easily damaged. But more importantly I think it has more to do with that people like the idea that they have a unique custom item in their home. Just like every piece of granite is unique and no two are ever the same, buyers want to feel that way about their home also.

Truly Designer

Categories: Announcements, Home Selling, Homebuying, Tips & Secrets | Posted: February 23, 2011
Our Decorated Bordeaux model, at The Vineyards in Suffolk, VA

What makes a model home, a model home? Ever walk through one and fall in love with a flower arrangement or window treatment and wonder, who is the man/women behind the magic? There are several things that go into a finished model home, but a main one is the level of professional design and furniture layout in the home! We need some help visualizing what a home can look like with our belongings in it and it’s an interior designers job to make that happen. Napolitano Homes has been using the same designer now for over 28 years to help bring our model homes in all of our communities to the next level.

Kathy selecting some swatches for some fabulous decorating use no doubt.

Kathy Browning, owner of Design Consultants has been making homes come to life for 30 years. She has decorated over 80 models for us over the years and helped bring our homes to life for many buyers.  From the time we contact Kathy to let her know we have a new model for her to work on, to when the last pillow is fluffed it can be a 6 month process. After Napolitano lets her know we need her expertise then the fun part begins… “Most of the furniture I get through Las Vegas or High Point Furniture Market.” Kathy explained “Then for fill in pieces later I go local,  Pier 1 and those kind of places.”

Bedroom at Napolitano Homes • Avalon Model at Sajo Farm

Design ideas come from lots of places, Kathy gleans from her involvement with many national building and design organizations, home furnishing markets, trade publications and more. Some include the NAHB Design Trends Round Table & NAHB International Builders Show Design panel, these are organizations where she can learn the latest colors and trends.  As well as what will next year hold for the design market. All models will eventually have to be refreshed but the goal is to choose designs that will be “in” for awhile. “Webinars are really becoming the thing.” Kathy says, allowing people to learn from anywhere. Nature was also something Kathy mentioned as an inspiration, for paint colors and layout ideas. “I see a sunset and whip out my iPhone to snap a picture and remember the colors and how they worked together.”

Sunroom at Manor Homes Avalon Model • Sajo Farm
I love this ribbon!

Napolitano Homes is very excited because we have asked Kathy to take some time out of her busy designer schedule to do a series of design seminars at our Sajo Farm Community in Virginia Beach! The first one will be this March 24th at 6pm at the Napolitano Homes Manor Homes model. You too can learn from an expert how it’s done and what goes into the design and layout of a model home! As well as pick up a few tips and tricks for your own home to wet your design appetite.

Avalon Kitchen • Sajo Farm Manor Homes

A Big Thank You!

Categories: Announcements, Home Financing, Home Selling, Homebuying, Tips & Secrets | Posted: February 2, 2011
Vince Napolitano Speaking at Our 2011 Realtor Luncheon

We had a wonderful turn out last Thursday, January 27th at our Realtor Appreciation Luncheon at the Greenbrier Country Club! Thank you to all of our agents who sold a Napolitano Home in 2010 that participated. Napolitano Homes values our co-broke community and attributes a large amount of our success to relationships with realtors. Relationships, that help us bring our mutual buyers the best new home buying experience.  This was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to network, learn a little bit and enjoy lunch!

Agents chatting before lunch is served
Theresa Ramacci one of Napolitano’s Agents from Bob White Landing, enjoying the lunch.
Loved the Salad!

We hope for the agents that attended it was a chance to get to know us better as a trusted new home builder and understand our building and homebuyer process better! Napolitano Homes stands by it’s mission statement to provide every customer with the absolute best new home buying experience, and part of that experience many times involves a co-broke agent. John Napolitano had a chance to talk a little bit about how we make an effort to educate our home buyers and their agents on what they can expect while their home is being built.

John Napolitano talking about our buyer education process and how we make sure all of our Homebuyer’s needs are met even after they are in their new home.

Of course along with the networking and delicious salad there was the most important part of the luncheon! We wanted to make sure every agent walked away feeling appreciated and received a big THANK YOU from everyone at Napolitano Homes! Greg Souris our Sales Manager had a chance to talk about all our beautiful new homes in the Napolitano communities throughout Hampton Roads and hand out individual gifts to the agents with Vince Napolitano.

Greg Souris talking about our communities and beautiful new homes.
Vince awarding gifts to agents that sold a Napolitano home in 2010
Vince with one of our co-broke agents Nancy Koch
Vince awarding Lillian Sung for the 3 Napolitano Homes she sold in 2010!

This was a great event and we are looking forward to hopefully making this a tradition every year for the agents, to have the opportunity to show our appreciation and to say thank you for their continued business. As well as to remind us all that the builder and realtor communities are all working together for the same goal ( besides a sale ), the satisfaction and happiness of our mutual homebuyers.  What a great start to the year!

From Our Family to Yours

Categories: Announcements | Posted: December 12, 2010

Give the Gift of Referrals

Categories: Announcements, Homebuying, Tips & Secrets | Posted: December 5, 2010

Don’t you think the best part about the holidays is the shopping? I know I do! What to buy, where to buy it? I don’t know about you, but when it comes to certain things I have no idea where to go or who to buy from. We’ve all had that problem, where do you go to get the big screen TV for dad and that random cousin that suddenly decided to send you a holiday card and now you feel obligated to get them something? Anyway, the point is there are always times when we need to purchase something and we want to know the best company or item to fill that need. Raise your hand if you know the best place to find that information. (No, not literally)  PEOPLE YOU KNOW! Yup, a referral.

You are always going to feel more comfortable trusting information that comes from a friend or someone whose opinion matters to you. A person who already has experience with what you are going to buy more so than a sales associate who you may feel is just trying to make a sale. Referrals are the best way for a company to take a step back and say, “Hey, are we doing everything we can to offer the best customer service and product possible?” Why would anyone recommend a TV brand or make of car or even, yes… a new home builder, if they weren’t jumping up and down with excitement about their love of the company and product? Duh! They wouldn’t!

Napolitano Homes is always looking for ways to improve our customer service and to make sure every one of our customer’s walks away truly understanding what it means to “love where you live”.  And this holiday season to reward our homeowners and members of the community that let others know they can love where they live too, we are giving a $1,500 referral fee* to those who send a customer our way that closes on a Napolitano Home. So get out there and talk about your home and let us pay you for it! (And maybe we can try to help with your random cousin present dilemma as well).

* (The request for referral must be noted on the original contract by our agent, at the time of signing of the purchase agreement. Offer good through December 31, 2010.)

A Little Perspective

Categories: Announcements, Home Financing, Home Selling, Homebuying, Tips & Secrets | Posted: November 16, 2010

You would pretty much have to have been living under a rock the last few years not to know what has been going on with the housing market. The words “ downwards slide into oblivion” come to mind. I’m sure you’re wondering why I, an employee of a new home builder would be bringing this to your attention, especially if everyone already knows. Well it’s because of course we all know the housing market is down 29% since the peak in 2006. So, I’m here to offer a new perspective. That, right now may indeed be the best time for someone to purchase a home (and no I’m not crazy).

Let’s chat about my last statement for a moment. With home ownership as with most things, people tend to have different ideas about what it means. If  home ownership is really the American Dream then it’s looking a little different these days, but I would say that different is not a bad thing. If your American Dream consists of purchasing a piece of property that will appreciate by 30 percent a year, making a home a way to help fund your lifestyle then we are going to have to turn the page into a new “dream world”. The world of having a solid and fairly stable long-term investment and the satisfaction of knowing you own the home you live in. Despite what the housing market is going through that dream is still alive. Making this the best time to purchase a home.

So, I know you’re thinking that’s all well and dandy dreams blah blah blah, but let’s look at some numbers. Interest Rates, those are some important numbers and they are about as low as they can get and home prices are down by 30 percent on average. Lets do that math (I know, yucky but it’s an eye opener) four years ago the monthly payment on a $300,000 house with 20 percent down and a mortgage rate of about 6.6 percent was $1,533. Today that $300,000 house would sell for $213,000 and a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage with 20 percent down would carry a rate of about 4.2 percent and a monthly payment of $833. ( Pricing information taken from Case, E. Carl. “A Dream House After All” The New York Times)

I’m getting to the end don’t worry. Here it is…housing has never been a better bargain! Eventually the market will build itself back up again (no pun intended) and you will have purchased your home with the lowest housing prices and interest rates in 5 years. Happy Hunting! And here’s to the American Dream!

The Autumn Showcase

Categories: Announcements | Posted: October 29, 2010

Autumn Showcase

This season,  Napolitano Homes has decided to offer a one of a kind incentives package. So be on the look out for us on your TV, in the Paper and on your way to work while you listen to the Radio. This is very exciting for us because that means we get to help you out with your home buying process even more then we do already!  We are calling it,  The Autumn Showcase by Napolitano Homes. Catchy huh? I thought so anyway.

So what is the “Catchy” titled event all about? Well, we have “Move in Ready” homes in all of our communities throughout Hampton Roads right now. With these homes we are going to give you a…

•A Washer & Dryer, Refrigerator, Garage Door Opener, 1 year paid HOA Fees, all closing costs paid in our Edgewood and Vineyards communities and in our other communities $5,000 toward your closing costs!

•We also have five preferred lenders that offer fantastic loan programs to fit all of your needs. These offers also apply to our To Be Built homes as well, in case you were wondering.

This is huge guys. This means as a buyer you could be in and all settled just in time for the holidays. Without having to think about where you’re going to wash all of your relatives laundry when they come to visit and where you’re going to store all your holiday food leftovers. But like all good things it must come to an end, so these incentives are only being offered till the middle of November.

So while your thinking about the poundage requirements for your turkey needs this year, and what little Jimmy wants for Christmas, think about how easy Napolitano Homes is making your home buying experience!

Standing Out From the Crowd

Categories: Announcements | Posted: September 14, 2010

Hello Napolitano followers and friends! I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself…Hi! I’m Kristin, the new Marketing Coordinator for Napolitano homes. I’m VERY excited to be joining the Napolitano family and you all as I continue to keep you updated on all the new and exciting events with this amazing company.  So thanks for following and lets get going.

It took some thinking to decide what I wanted my first blog topic to be about, as I am new to the company and still learning the ins and outs of everything. I decided, why not write about the things that attracted me most to this group of people. And why the way they run their business and build their homes stands out from the crowd!  (And should for you also.)

Personal attention and commitment to satisfaction are two biggies! I’m sure if you are familiar with Napolitano Homes you know they are a family owned and operated company. But, what does this mean to the customer that buys a home from them, the people they work with and the homes they build?

To me it means that especially right now when the process of purchasing a home can be a scary and overwhelming undertaking, that here is a company that genuinely understands what a home means to a family. This is a company that will make your home buying experience a meaningful and exciting event! Wouldn’t you rather work with a team of people that doesn’t think twice about bending over backwards to bring their customers an unmatched level of dedication? I was excited to find a place and a group of people whose values and pride spill into their everyday transactions, whether it’s replacing a bathtub in a customer’s home or sharing the excitement of a new home with a family. I hope you are excited too!

Bottom line here everyone…this company cares about the homes they build and the people that purchase them. Napolitano Homes wants their customers and potential buyers to love their homes, and they will go the extra mile to make sure they do.

Just a few of my thoughts, and there will be more to come. There are a lot of exciting changes going on right now for Napolitano Homes and I can’t wait to share them with you. If you’ve had an experience with Napolitano Homes that you’d like to share with us please do! We would love to hear what you have to say. Thanks for reading!

Just the facts…

Categories: Announcements | Posted: August 13, 2010

OK gang, here’s the deal… Belle Harbour Woods, one of Napolitano Homes’ most popular communities, is just about sold out. There are only 6 homesites left! I’m sure you’re expecting me, as Napolitano’s marketing chick, to spin the information – twirl it – throw confetti – and tell you that if you don’t buy a home in Belle Harbour Woods, this instant, you’ll be missing out on the most amazing thing that will ever happen to you.

Fortunately, I don’t have to make such a spectacle of myself. I can just give you the facts, they truly speak for themselves. Now take a listen to a few of these facts that just won’t keep quiet:

• LARGE single family homes with big yards – from just the upper 200’s!

• The value and quality construction you get for your dollar is beyond compare. Please shop around and pay very close attention to the details! (I’ll give you some input here… “windows” – “included features” – “impeccable floorplans”

– “AND BIGGER YARDS.” Note, I’ve mentioned the yards twice for a reason – most of them back up to preserved woodlands and are plenty big for a pool!!!)

• It has a community playground, picnic table, gazebo… a modern day “Mayberry.”

• Belle Harbour Woods’ proximity to major employers is perfect – Langely Air Force Base, Northrup Grummon, The Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth Naval Hospital… just to name a few.

• The mall, marinas, delis, movies, groceries, farmer’s market and boutiques are just around the corner!

• Doctors’ offices, Dentists, Police, Fire, Rescue and the new Urgent Care Center are all less than two minutes away.

• And that’s not even the best part about Belle Harbour Woods’ location! It’s minutes away from anywhere on the Southside AND Peninsula. Seriously… MINUTES!

Did I mention you get all this and more from just the upper 200’s? Like I said, this community is so popular for many reasons. You should check it out. Living in Belle Harbour Woods may not be THE most amazing thing that ever happens to you in life. But why take a chance… you’ve only got 6 of them left.

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