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Ask Jen Live at The Townes on the Square

Categories: Events, Home of the Month, New Homes Suffolk VA | Posted: October 27, 2015

Last week, Jen Barkan, Rose & Womble’s New Homes Specialist, visited Napolitano Homes’ Bennetts Creek Square neighborhood in North Suffolk for her touring Ask Jen Live segment. Jen uses the power and connectivity of social media to new homes in the Rose & Womble network of builders, and for this visit she featured The Nouveau Series, The Townes on the Square, and the amenities within the community. In addition to showing off the architecture, build quality, and features of these new homes in her Ask Jen Live segments, Jen also brings along a dog from the Norfolk SPCA that is in need of a new home. Her efforts towards raising awareness for incredible dogs has resulted in a 100% adoption rate in the dogs she features!

In this episode at Bennetts Creek Square, a friendly and calm dog named Kobe accompanied Jen to tour the community. He and Jen met with the site sales counselor, Diana Jordan, at the Tuscany model of The Townes on the Square.

Diana in front of sign File_003

Jen filmed a short video of the three of them touring the model and learning about its features.

From there, Jen and Kobe took a walk around the Bennetts Creek Square grounds, viewing the Nouveau Series homes as well as the beautiful Square. Kobe loved the gazebo, was transfixed by the fountain, and looked like he wanted to run laps around the spacious green or play fetch with a frisbee.

File_001 File_000

After all of the touring, Diana and Kobe spent some quality time together. They were inseparable! If it weren’t for Diana’s busy schedule, she would’ve adopted him on the spot!

File_004 File_007

While it wasn’t Diana to take Kobe home, we are happy to say that Kobe was adopted within 24 hours. Napolitano Homes covered his adoption fees, and we wish him and his new family the best! A big thanks to Jen Barkan for not only featuring our homes, but for everything she does for dogs in need.

Homearama at The Tuscany

Categories: Announcements, Events | Posted: October 15, 2015


Napolitano Homes is opening its doors to The Townes on the Square in Northern Suffolk for the 2015 Homearama Touring Edition. This year is a little different than year’s past, where Homearama would take place in just one neighborhood. Now, 34 new home builders from all over Hampton Roads are participating and showing off new homes that range from efficient condominiums to luxurious mansions on the water. With a free smartphone app and a $10 ticket, residents from all over can check out new homes in Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Chesapeake, and Norfolk.

House #51 on the tour, The Tuscany model is a beautifully furnished townhome located at 840 Bennett’s Meadow Lane, Suffolk VA. It is 3 Bedrooms (one of which is a Master Down), 2.5 Baths, and 2,025 square feet of living space. The model home showcases a luxurious Kitchen with granite countertops and an enormous island, a beautiful ceramic tiled walk-in shower in the Master Bath, and soaring ceilings in the Family Room.

Dining Room1 Entry Family Room3 Kitchen2 Master Bedroom

The tour lasts for 3 weekends, from Thursday to Sunday 12-6pm. Each weekend has a special theme with food, refreshments, and prizes associated with each:
October 15 –  18: Fall Festival
October 22 – 25: Oktoberfest
October 29 – November 1: Team Tailgate Party

Speaking of prizes, we have the BEST and most bountiful giveaways and raffles for Homearama thanks to some incredible Special Partners:


Home “Sweet” Home – A New Home Buyer’s Journal, Part 4

Categories: Home Sweet Home | Posted: October 7, 2015

In the last episode of Home “Sweet” Home, Eric and Jordan’s new home in Chesapeake, VA was progressing nicely, and reaching the stages in the building process where architectural elements and design choices were tying together to create the home of their dreams. It’s an exciting time for new home buyers when the siding and roofing are added to the slab and framing; the hours and hours of agonizing over selection choices really start to pay off!

It’s the details that make the difference.


We wanted all of the trim that was in the model because it really added another dimension to the home to have these details. We were stopping by the house one afternoon after work to check on progress and the trim carpenters were still working inside the house. We introduced ourselves and the carpenter offered to escort us through the house so we could see all the trim work. Seeing the trim on the walls just took the home to a whole new level! It was gorgeous! As we walked around the carpenter talked with us about the different trim options we got and how he customized them for us. In the bedroom he make the top shelf stick out more than in the model because it provides a great place for picture frames and nik naks and how he added more panels in the upstairs bedroom because it shows the trim better. It was awesome to see and hear his love for his craft and how he applied it to our new home!

More details, getting closer!

moredetails moredetails2

The concrete was being poured over the weekend so we were able to see your driveway and porches taking place. The contractors pouring the concrete were very nice and talked to us about how we could incorporate the concrete into a porch on the back of the house. We opted to not do the 10×12 pad on the back of the house because we knew we wanted to build a porch on the back of the house. Tara told us about how another homebuyer chose to not do the pad and instead use the concrete to extend the walkway down the side of the house past the garage to the back of the house. We talked with the guys that day and mentioned that we really wanted to come back later that afternoon to write our names somewhere in the concrete. He told us “Come back in an hour and I will have a surprise for you.” When we returned he showed us that he wrote our names in the concrete by the front of the house. It was so cool and really made the homebuilding process personal for us.

We have cabinetry!


Again this was such a cool time period during our homebuilding process, you get to see those decisions you make during the first two week process come to life! I am pretty sure that Eric and I stood in the kitchen and just imagined how our mornings would be so awesome in this house.

Is this really our home?!

really home

So I am not sure if we covered this earlier in the journal but the master bathroom is my husband’s “baby” in other words, it is his master decorating project. I am positive it took many hours in the model with Tara playing mediator and helping to blend our styles together. Eric wanted a dark “Vegas shower” and I wanted to keep it light and open feeling. I had serious heartburn over how this would look in real life as compared to the samples we played with. I will say when we walked upstairs and saw our bathroom for the first time we were blown away! It is exactly what we wanted and the tile work was so intricate and clean. I look forward to walking into this bathroom every day and getting ready for work. I was so excited I even kicked off my shoes and went walking across the tile just to imagine it!

It is the small things that really make a difference!

small things

As you can see from previous pictures of the front of our home the stone really adds a big impact to the entrance. With the color scheme we chose the front door is a burnt orange color. I did not mind it because I thought it added a pop of color but Eric on the other and was not on the same page. Every time we drove by the house his eye was directed to the front door and not in a good way. So we were casually talking with Tara and we were talking about how we were probably going to repaint the front door after closing. About a week later we got a text from Tara asking us to choose a new front door color. She had talked to the builder’s and they agreed to paint it a different color to ensure we would love the home. It really meant a lot to know that they cared as much about home much we love the house as we do!

The Sweets are closing in on home ownership! Keep an eye out for the next installment of the Home “Sweet” Home Journal and see what they have to say about the Orientation Conference, closing process, and moving in!

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

Categories: Articles, Tips & Secrets | Posted: October 6, 2015


In three of the newest Napolitano Homes communities (Viridian Reserve at Hickory, Hanbury Manor in Great Bridge, and The Townes on the Square in northern Suffolk), we build EnergySense Homes as a standard feature. In addition to energy saving (and thus money saving) building elements such as efficient floorplans, Energy Star rated appliances, low flow faucets, low-E windows, a properly constructed home envelope, and much more, we also include tankless water heaters in each new home that we build these three neighborhoods. Tankless water heaters are more efficient, smaller, and never run out of hot water when compared to a traditional hot water heater, and if maintained properly, will last 5 to 10 years longer.

So, if you own a home with a tankless water heater, what do you need to do in order to get the most life out of it? Despite being smaller and simpler than a large traditional hot water heater, tankless water heaters do require regular maintenance and cleaning to keep it running at maximum efficiency. Over time, minerals from our water supply accumulate in the tank’s chamber and filters (a process called “scaling”), which can erode the walls and shorten the unit’s life. Proper maintenance means flushing the system at least once a year to mitigate the damages caused by these mineral deposits.

Required Items:

  1. 2.5 gallons of vinegar
  2. Rubber connect hoses kit (for example
  3. Sump/Utility pump (for example
  4. Large 5 gallon bucket

Basically, all you need to do is flush your tankless water heater for about an hour using normal household vinegar and a pump. Follow this video below to see step-by-step instructions and visualizations, and save yourself hundreds of dollars by not needing to call a plumber to do it for you!

End of Month Special: Free Fridge!

Categories: Announcements, Specials | Posted: September 23, 2015

free fridge

For the last full week of September, anyone who purchases a Napolitano Home* will receive a FREE FRIDGE! This GE stainless steel refrigerator is a side-by-side model that has an ice maker and filtered water dispenser on the door.  The End of Month September Special applies to ANY new home in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Suffolk! For a list of our neighborhoods in Hampton Roads, please click here.

*Must be under ratified contract between 9/23/15 and 9/30/15 in order to qualify. Does not apply to customers under existing contract or current homeowners.

To schedule an appointment or for more information please contact Dylan Hawkins at 757-435-6936.

Home “Sweet” Home – A New Home Buyer’s Journal, Part 3

Categories: Home Sweet Home, Homebuying | Posted: September 21, 2015

home sweet home

Eric and Jordan Sweet have made it through the contract, selection, and preconstruction stages (if you missed the first two posts, catch up with their story here). Now comes arguably the most exciting part: watching a new home come to life from the ground up! In this portion of the Home “Sweet” Home Buyer’s Journal, follow along as the foundation is poured, the walls start to go up, and the Framing Conference happens with their site builder Mike Smith.


The foundation is poured


I will say that when you first see your home laid out in concrete you stand in the middle of it and look around to try to imagine how your home will be the same size of the model. DO NOT freak out the house looks much smaller just looking at the floor outline but trust us we pulled out the tape measure and it is exactly the same size as the model.

To the windows, to the walls!


Our home was taking its shape it is so cool to see all of your rooms now coming to life. You can start to imagine you kitchen and living room. It really sparks the creative juices on pinterest to start playing the color scheme and layout you want in your home. All of a sudden your home goes from 2D to 3D as the first and second story walls go up.

More than building!

more than a building

I definitely want to take time to express that building our home was much more than just a foundation or a frame. It is the connection between you, your spouse and your builder and their agent. We felt welcome the second we stepped foot into the Riley model. Tara (the builder’s agent) has not only been someone we could go to for advice but someone who has become a friend to us. Also it is hard to remember sometimes but no one is perfect including your builder. Reality: you will find mistakes in your home! This was a hard idea for us to swallow at first but you have to remember that everyone is human including yourself. There are times when we got frustrated and would come to Tara and she would calm our worries and say “I’ll take care of it, don’t worry”. She stopped out several fires for us and it really made me think about how important it is to have a good relationship with your builder. Second reality: if you think that your builder is the only builder out there to make mistakes, you are mistaken.

Framing meeting with Mike!

framing conference framing conference1

This meeting really helped us to feel better about the attention to detail our builder has. All the issues we found after the framer’s were done just as twisted boards were fixed before we came into the home with Mike for our framing meeting. We walked through the home and he pointed out all of our extra options we added and where outlets were to be placed as well as the next stage of building that were could be expecting.

Taking an active role in our building

active role

We were at the home site every chance we got and we had to chance to meet several of our contractors. The one pictured above is the guy that was putting insulation in the garage during our framing meeting. We stopped and talked with him and he explained a lot of details about the type of insulation being put into the house. Being active with our building process allowed us to learn a lot of little details about the materials in our home that we would have never known.

The siding is on!

siding on

Wow that wood frame finally comes to life when we saw the siding on our home. We differed from the original color scheme a little with the color above the garage so we were very excited to see the color in real life instead of just small squares of sample Hardie Plank. It is beautiful and exactly what we wanted!

As you can see, the Sweet’s home is really coming together, and it’s time to start on the interior finishes. Keep an eye out for the next journal entry that describes the details and excitement of a home nearing completion!

Home “Sweet” Home – A New Home Buyer’s Journal, Part 2

Categories: Articles, Home Sweet Home, Homebuying | Posted: September 9, 2015

Eric and Jordan Sweet’s journey continues  as they describe the selections process, The Home Buyer Seminar, The Pre Construction Meeting with Mike Smith (Viridian Reserve’s Site Builder), and their excitement to see the beginnings of construction on their very first new home together. If you missed Part 1, catch up here to fill yourself in!

home sweet home


So many options!!!

I (Jordan) start by saying it is a wonderful thing that Napolitano gave us a 2 week window to decide all of the options we wanted our home because we certainly needed every minute of it! You never realize how many options you have to pick out to build a home until you start. We have always worked together as a team really well but picking out everything from what color outlets we wanted to the tile we wanted in our master bathroom was really starting to test that. Tara and Julian were so wonderful about helping to settle many, many style debates we had. We would come to the model almost every day and they would welcome us in to help continue picking out options. They always welcomed us in and were always happy to help us. Your eyes started to glaze over after the first couple of pages of options but having someone to help throughout the process is wonderful. Wait can we really do this? Are we having buyer’s remorse? – Oh yes this moment has come. When you start seeing all the options you wanted cause money signs to constantly pop up in your eyes, you feel overwhelmed to say the least. We started to question if we could really afford this home and if we were making the right decision. We never thought that these ideas would pop into our heads after finding our perfect model. We talked to Tara about all the feelings we were having and she calmed all doubts when she said “All homebuyers experience this at one time or another.”

My Notebook


I am very Type A, if I do not have organization I can get easily overwhelmed. My solution to our moment of buyer’s remorse was to create a notebook. I knew if I could just organize my thoughts I would calm down and we that this was still an obtainable goal of building a home. Tara and Napolitano loved my notebook taking several pictures of it to share with other homebuyers that might need that organization too. I have everything about our home in this notebook. I have the flyer to the floor plan, every addendum we ever had, any and every paper the builders ever gave us, our contracts from the bank and the builder.

We have a sign!! Look at our fence!

Sold in Viridian Reserve fencing in

This was such an exciting moment for us, after signing all of the paperwork and picking out our options this was the first time that it actually felt real to us that we were building our very first home. Neither Eric nor I had ever bought a home much less built one so the amount of excitement we felt to see a sold sign on our lot is unexplainable.

Home Buyer Seminar, meeting our neighbors

At the Home Buyers Seminar, Eric met with John Napolitano. Unfortunately I had to work so he had to go solo on this mission. He was very impressed with John and stated how he was very personableand made sure that he answered all questions that everyone had. At this meeting we learned what to expect throughout the building process from the builder and what they expected from us at certain times. This meeting offers a great opportunity to meet other Napolitano home buyers who signed contracts around the same time.

Meeting with Mike!

The building blocks of our home were down and at this moment it all becomes very real. “We are building a home!” Our meeting with Mike was a very informative meeting, we sat down in the model home and laid out before us were he plans for our home. He went through every feature and option we chose to ensure that it was plotted on the master plans that all the contracture would use. We then walked with Mike and Tara out to the home site and he talked with us about the different features Napolitano adds. One that really stuck out in my head as an example of them going above and beyond is the hurricane fasteners they add that is not required in the area.

Stay tuned for the next Home “Sweet” Home Journal entry, where Jordan and Eric start to see their homesite transform from an empty dirt space to the home of their dreams.

Testimonials from Happy Homeowners

Categories: Uncategorized | Posted: September 9, 2015

mission statement

The first thing Napolitano Homes employees see when we walk in the office door each day is our logo and company motto. “Our mission is to provide every customer with the absolute best new home buying experience.” This sign on the wall is a great reminder of the important and integral part that each of us have on delivering dream homes to families in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Suffolk. While we each have our own roles, we’re all working together towards a common goal of building the best possible new home for each and every customer.

We love knowing that the extreme dedication to our mission statement results in so many happy new homeowners throughout Hampton Roads. Here is a video of several of our customers in Jordan Hall, a new home community in Great Bridge that sold out in 2014, discussing the myriad reasons they chose a Napolitano Home over the various other choices in the area:

Customized New Homes

Categories: Articles, New Homes Chesapeake, New Homes Virginia Beach | Posted: September 2, 2015

One of the most exciting and popular reasons to build a new home is the ability to design your dream home in a way that exactly suits your personal style and needs. Why should you settle for someone else’s choices in cabinets, countertops, fixtures, appliances, flooring, and more, when you can pick and choose every single detail to reflect your tastes in finishes? Napolitano Homes takes pride in our ability to meet those needs with countless selection choices, but we can also go a step further by transforming floorplans in almost any way you can imagine. Today, we’d like to focus on some of our favorite custom finishes that we worked on for happy new homeowners, and show off our Top 5 Custom Finishes of 2015!

Number 5: Luxurious Staircase in Viridian Reserve at Hickory

Stairs Viridian Reserve at Hickory Customer Stairs Viridian Reserve at Hickory

New homeowners opted to add this stylish, custom set of stained stairs and railings, along with a chunky post at the bottom. Gorgeous!

Number 4: Custom Wet Bar in Viridian Reserve at Hickory

Media Room and Wet Bar

The Waterford model has an optional Media/Rec Room on the second floor. Not only did this new home in Chesapeake get hand scraped hardwood floors in this room (and throughout most of the 2nd story), but it also received a custom wet bar installed along with a refrigerator and granite countertops. Perfect for making cocktails on movie night!

Number 3: Double Shower in Viridian Reserve at Hickory

Master Shower in Hickory

Full ceramic tile, two shower heads, separate controls, 2 niches with mosaic tile accents, and plenty of glass make for a luxurious shower experience in this new home in Hickory.

Number 2: Enormous Master Bath in Sajo Farm in Virginia Beach

Master Bath2 Master Shower

Master Shower2 Master Shower3

The Regent floorplan normally does have a separate tub and shower, however they are side by side in the Master Suite. In this special case, the homeowners moved walls and arranged to have an enormous tub on one side of the suite, and a fully tiled walk in shower with 2 shower heads (including a rain shower) and separate controls. It is truly a spa-like experience in this new Virginia Beach home.

Number 1: See Through Fireplace in Viridian Reserve at Hickory

See Through Fireplace2 See through Fireplace

Fireplace Exterior Fireplace Exterior 2

One of our favorite customizations this year is this incredible see through fireplace that was just installed at a new home in Hickory. Once the deck is completed, it will be an indoor and outdoor oasis for relaxation and entertainment alike.

If you have questions about customizing your new home with Napolitano Homes, please contact Dylan Hawkins at 757-435-6936 today!


Home Buyer Seminar at Bennetts Creek Square

Categories: Announcements, Homebuying | Posted: August 26, 2015

Last night, Napolitano Homes hosted another Home Buyer Seminar at the Bennett’s Creek Square Clubhouse, located in Northern Suffolk. Speaking to a crowded room of over 35 Napolitano Homes buyers and prospects, John Napolitano led the discussion on the many facets of buying, building, closing, and owning a home. This unique seminar is an incredible opportunity to not only meet and talk with your builder, but also to learn about the processes that Napolitano Homes has in place for transforming an empty homesite into your dream home that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

John Napolitano John Napolitano Home Buyer Seminar


As we often say, our mission at Napolitano Homes is to provide every customer with the absolute best new home buying experience. We truly feel like the Home Buyer Seminar is a great example of the myriad ways Napolitano Homes goes above and beyond in services for our customers. Few, (if any) new home builders in Hampton Roads provide this type of informational seminar, which we host every 2 months or so. John Napolitano spends about an hour speaking to the group, and then opens the floor to a questions and answers session. John covers many important topics over the course of the evening, including detailing each conference you can expect with your site builder (Pre-Construction, Framing, and Orientation), what happens if you have a question about your home that the site agent can’t answer (Customer Inquiry Form), what is involved in the Closing Process (remember to put power, gas, and water in your name!), and what to expect once you own your home (understanding your warranty, the 12 week service request, and year end inspection). Furthermore, John stresses the importance of studying your Maintenance Manual, a guide that John himself painstakingly studies adds information to every year that provides tips and suggestions for keeping your house running at peak condition. Home maintenance begins at day 1!

The Home Buyer Seminar is not just informational. While food and refreshments are served after the info session, friendships form at these events as neighbors come together and break the ice, well before moving in to their new homes. Last night’s seminar had many different communities in Suffolk and Chesapeake represented, including The Townes on the Square, The Vineyards Nouveau Series, Bob White Landing, Viridian Reserve at Hickory, and Hanbury Manor.

If you would like to attend the next Home Buyer Seminar, please email our Marketing Director, Dylan Hawkins, at [email protected]!

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