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Taking it for “Granite”

Categories: Announcements, Homebuying, Tips & Secrets | Posted: March 25, 2011
Granite Kitchen Countertop

A word we hear pretty frequently as builders is Granite, Granite, Granite! Buyers want their kitchens to wow people when they walk in and that usually means stainless steel appliances and GRANITE countertops. There’s just something about the statement it makes. We all agree granite looks good and adds something to your kitchen but what makes it so appealing and desirable to a buyer? I think to answer that question we need to dig a little deeper…literally. Napolitano Homes offers a wide variety of granite for our homes, and the vendor we use to supply us with all those unique pieces of stone is Builder’s Choice Marble and Granite.

But they have to get it from somewhere right? This is where the fun starts, granite as I’m sure you know is a stone and has to be brought up from a quarry. Companies like Arc Granite & Marble get to take care of that job. Bet you didn’t know that almost 50% of the commercial granite brought into this country is from Brazil (well maybe you did know but this was news for me). To obtain this special rock, raw blocks of stone are usually blasted out of a mountain side in a quarry.

Granite Quarry

Then those huge blocks make their merry way to a gang saw ( we’re not talking about that thing your dad has in the garage he sometimes attempts to cut bathroom tile with, this is a little more hardcore). These saws then cut the blocks into sequential slabs. The sequential part of that sentence is important because if the slabs from one block of stone are kept together properly then VOILA, you can purchase matching countertops for your kitchen or bathroom.

“huge” Granite Saw


But it is still just raw unfinished stone at this point, so how do they make it worthy of your fabulous kitchen? A little polishing is all it takes to bring out the unique color and detailed patterns within the stone. There are so many colors and patterns you can find granite in that it makes decorating possibilities limitless. Next to the polisher below are some options we offer at our Cedar Run community in Richmond, VA.

Polishing Machine & Finished Napolitano Granite Samples

This sink is a good example of how the unfinished ( not shiny ) granite stone can be used and look just as unique.

Unfinished Granite Sink

To get back to my original statement about why do buyers value this stone so much in their homes and look for it in their kitchens? I’m sure it has a lot to do with the quality of granite in general, it is a very hard stone and is not easily damaged. But more importantly I think it has more to do with that people like the idea that they have a unique custom item in their home. Just like every piece of granite is unique and no two are ever the same, buyers want to feel that way about their home also.

Dylan Hawkins

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