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Linus Loves Quality Construction

Categories: Articles, New Homes Chesapeake, New Homes Suffolk VA, New Homes Virginia Beach | Posted: June 7, 2016

quality construction

Linus (our spokesdog) is a stickler for attention to detail, which is yet another reason he loves our new homes so much. Most know that Napolitano Homes is well known for its soaring elevations, rich architectural details, flowing and intuitive floorplans, and modern appointments and technology. But what about the less noticeable details, such as what’s hiding behind the walls, or quality control systems we have in place between breaking ground and a new home’s finishing touches? While these details in the building process are seldom seen, Linus knows that Napolitano Homes takes extraordinary care in these early stages. In doing so, we ensure that each home we build is not only visually pleasing in its final form, but also is structurally sound, long lasting, and a solid investment for you and your family.

Here are a few examples of what’s hidden behind the walls, as well as systems Napolitano Homes has in place that differentiates itself from other builders in the area:

Hurricane Straps

hurrican strapsLiving close to the water means an almost unlimited number of recreational and natural activities, but with these benefits of the coastal life comes the inherent risk of possible high winds from hurricanes, tropical storms, and nor’easters that make their way up the east coast. A home is only as strong as its weakest link, therefore our structural engineer-approved floorplans utilize several wind resistant methods of securing the home in place in the event one of these storms moves through the Hampton Roads area. First, the roof is anchored securely to the walls by installing hurricane clips at every rafter-to-wall connection. In addition to the roof, all connections between floors are secured to make one continuous load path. Finally, the first floor is secured to the foundation with hurricane straps. These straps are long plates that extend several feet up and below the foundation, as seen in the photo to the right.

stable wallsStructural Integrity

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, all Napolitano Homes floorplans are structural engineer certified. So not only do we take great care in designing floorplans that are modern, open, and beautiful, but we also ensure that each design is accompanied by structurally sound (and engineer approved) blueprints. In other words, we do NOT buy our floorplans out of a book and each home plan we offer has been heavily scrutinized by designers, builders, engineers, and more. As a result, our homes have many interesting features within their walls to allow for open spaces, soaring ceilings, and features that are so popular these days. One example is structurally engineered interior walls. With open and airy being the current trend, gone are the days of excessive columns and walls between rooms. Instead, we have reinforced beams and interior bracing on main walls that reduce sway and sheer in high winds.

Checks, Inspections, and more Checks

markupsWe have systems in place where each of our community builders inspect and re-inspect during the building process in order to make sure everything is built correctly. Markups, spray paint, and more are used to signal all of our trades that something needs to be addressed, well before any city inspector makes their way through to evaluate our homes. By staying ahead of the game and on top of the various trades, we ensure a solidly built home and a smooth transition between stages. Furthermore, we have several meetings with our new homeowners in order to keep them informed, including the Pre-Construction Meeting as well as the Framing Conference. We also have “Customer Wants to Know” forms that our buyers can fill out at any point of construction where their questions will be answered in a timely fashion. Good communication and thorough education makes for very happy buyers!

Pest Control

bora care2Unfortunately, Hampton Roads climate is perfectly suited for termites, which can wreak havoc on and severely weaken a home’s structure. Therefore, we take many steps to prevent such infestation in the homes we build. Rather than pumping hundreds of gallons of pesticides into the soil around the house, and poisoning the surrounding land and waterways due to runoff, we instead apply Bora-Care directly to the wood, concrete and foundation penetrations. Termites can’t consume the wood and they can’t tube over it. We also recommend that our homeowners enroll in a yearly termite prevention contract with a reputable pest control company, protecting their investment for years to come.

Innovative Standard Features

Napolitano Homes is leading the way in new homes building by being one of the first builders in the area to offer tankless water heaters as STANDARD in two of its communities: Viridian Reserve at Hickory and The Townes on the Square. Tankless, or “on demand,” water heaters save energy (and thus money) by eliminating the cost of keeping 40 to 50 gallons of water hot in a storage tank. These water heaters are just one of many features in our EnergySense Homes that are energy efficient and pocketbook friendly. For the technology fans out there, Napolitano Homes offers smart home capabilities as standard, where homeowners can control the HVAC, alarm, and more from the convenience of their smartphone screen.

New Home Buyer Seminar

Those who attend our New Home Buyer Seminars are some of the most educated home buyers in all of Suffolk, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach. Held roughly once a month, Napolitano Homes invites all current buyers under contract to attend, along with anyone else who is interested in our buying, building, and warranty processes. John Napolitano, company vice president, hosts each hour long event, and he covers almost everything involved in purchasing a Napolitano Home including company history, contracts, pre construction meetings, framing conferences, final walkthroughs, closing, 12 week and 11 month reviews, the warranty program, and much more! It is a great forum for homeowners and prospects alike to get to know and ask questions of their builder.

Dylan Hawkins

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