EnergySense Homes

Save Energy. Save Money.

EnergySense New Homes

Why are Napolitano EnergySense Homes different? We pay close attention to areas of your home that offer significant savings and energy efficiency, and we don’t overbuild where there is no benefit. Simple and smart. EnergySense Homes are currently available in Western Branch Reserve, The Cove at Bennett's Creek Square, and Countryside Estates in Moyock NC. Napolitano Homes will also introduce EnergySense homes to Sykes Farm, Village Point, and Kings Fork Village when we begin building in these new homes neighborhoods. 

Greater Comfort

EnergySense Homes have standards that improve overall comfort through minimizing uneven temperatures, more effectively distributing air, and better regulating temperature and humidity variations. 

Environmentally Responsible

EnergySense Homes are designed to not only be more energy efficient, but also help reduce your home's carbon footprint from the use of green building practices, energy-efficient appliances, and water conservation systems. 

EnergySense Homes 

Water Conservation
  • Tankless Water Heater is an included feature, which provides hot water on demand and reduces energy costs.
  • Low-flow faucets and fixtures are installed that reduce water consumption without affecting performance. 
  • Landscaping includes native plants that significantly reduce the need for watering, fertilizer, and herbicides. 
Exterior and Insulation
  • Quality house wrap helps reduce drafts, dust, and pollen.
  • Maximized insulation in order to minimize temperature variability.
  • Ridge vent with external baffles that provides evenly distributed ventilation along the entire underside of the roof.
  • All together, a properly constructed envelope improves the energy efficiency, air quality, and comfort of your home.
Building Green
  • Manufactured wood components, such as trusses and plywood, use less material and reduce waste.
  • Low VOC interior and exterior paint.
  • Many products that are made from recycled materials, such as vinyl and carpeting, are used in the construction process.
  • Working with local suppliers and small businesses, helping to reduce carbon footprint
Windows and Doors
  • Energy efficient low-E (low-emissivity) coated glass helps keep excess heat out during the summer and cold in winter.  
  • Insulated exterior doors retain heating and cooling at entry points. 
  • Covered entries at exterior doors help to prevent water intrusion, reducing maintenance and enhancing durability
HVAC and Appliances
  • High-efficient furnaces and sealed air ducts better regulate indoor temperature and humidity variations, resulting in a lower monthly energy bill.
  • LED Programmable thermostats allow homeowners to schedule heating and cooling cycles that fit their family’s lifestyle, all controllable with any smartphone.
  • ENERGY STAR appliances in the kitchen use 10-50% less water and energy than standard appliances.