August 22, 2017

The Floor Plan Design Process at Napolitano Homes

From concept to completion, the floor plan design process is a thoroughly extensive ordeal. Vince Napolitano, the president of Napolitano Homes, and Art Ross, a renowned home designer in Hampton Roads, spend hours and hours scrutinizing a new plan. Paying attention to every square inch of the home, the two make sure the plan has no wasted space, extensive storage, and flexible options that are important to today’s homeowners. When a preliminary plan is completed, Vince emails the plan to all Napolitano Homes employees for their feedback. With a wide range of insight and individual experiences, inevitably more changes are made to make the plans even better!


This video is a brief explanation of why Vince and Art take such individual care in designing each floor plan, why it’s better to design from scratch, and how fun the process actually is! Take “An Inside Look: Napolitano Homes Floor Plans.”