Napolitano Homes Buyer Seminar

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Napolitano Homes has been offering a quarterly Home Buyer Seminar for over 30 years. We are one of the only new homes builders in the Hampton Roads area that conducts these seminars! Led by John Napolitano, it is an amazing opportunity for new home buyers and prospects alike to learn about our building process, get to know an owner and the builders, meet neighbors in all of our communities, and ask questions about our homes and our company.

If you would like to learn more, this page contains videos that cover every aspect of a typiical Home Buyer Seminar. They are broken up into various segments that pertain to The Construction Process, The Orientation Conference, The Closing Process, and Warranty, so please browse around and take in as much information as you can!

The Home Buyer Seminar Introduction

The Construction Process

Part 1: Watchiing Your Home Getting Built and General Rules to Follow

Watching an empty homesite transform into your dream home is one of the most exciting things you can witness! We know that you will want to see updates almost every day. That said, construction sites are dangerous places so PLEASE do not enter your home while it is being built. We organize several times during each phase of construction to view your home, so there will be plenty of opportunities to view it as it goes up.

Part 2: The Customer Guide

The Napolitano Homes Customer Guide is full of important information, so please take the time to look through it! It is a great tool for learning about the selection process, building stages, and much more. 

Part 3: The Pre Construction Conference

This is the first opportunity in the home building process to meet with your site builder and construction personel who are in charge of building your home. Your selections have been made, and now is the time to double check paperwork to ensure a smooth transition from empty homesite to dream home. 

Part 4: The Framing Conference

The foundation of your home is complete, the framed walls and roof are up, and now is the time to look at the house's "skeleton" before the drywall is installed.

Part 5: Inspections

To put you at ease, every phase of construction is inspected by the city in addition to what we're looking at daily. There are 23 inspections that occur!

The Orientation Conference

Part 1: Scheduling the Orientation

The Closing Date is scheduled when cabinets and countertops are installed. That is the last piece of the puzzle to make sure we meet a specific day that you close on your brand new home!

Part 2: Quality Control Inspection

Prior to closing, Napolitano Homes owners walk through the home and scrutinize it with a fine tooth comb. Any discrepencies are noted and fixed immediately.

Part 3: Purpose of the Orientation

There are SO many things to learn about your home and how it operates. Water, gas, and electric are all turned on, and your site builder will spend time with you to teach how everything works.

Part 4: Forms

Your Orientation Packet will contain several very important forms. Watch this video to see what they are and what you'll need to fill out on each. 

Part 5: Warranty Information Packet


Napolitano Homes offers a home warranty through 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty, one of the strongest national warranty companies. After closing, we supply our buyers with a 12 Week Service request form and a Year End Inspection form, as the first year of warranted items are covered by us, the builder

At 12 Weeks, a new home has cycled through at least one season which has allowed the home to move and settle. If there are any items that require repair that are covered under warranty, this is a home owner's first opportunity to get these action items completed. We will also repair any wall dings and scratches that occur during moving at this time! 

Part 1: 12 Week Service Request