Your New Home Journey

Napolitano Homes believes in making your home-buying experience a uniquely personal and enjoyable one.
This is why we have created a process that allows you to be a part of the home-building process
while at the same time being kept informed of your new home’s status.


Congratulations! You are on your way to a new Napolitano Home. You now have 2 weeks to customize your color and option selections!


Get pre-approved by one of Napolitano Homes’ Approved Lenders in order to secure the best available rate and to qualify for closing cost incentives!


Napolitano Homes obtains a site plan and building permit and then stakes out your homesite in preparation for construction. This step in the process may differ if you have purchased an attached home.


Dig and pour footing, foundation walls, install sand, and pour slab – we’ve broken ground and your new home is officially in the making!


Based on the stage of construction, your personal Site Builder and Sales Counselor will schedule a meeting for you to review your personal selections and walk your homesite, which is a great opportunity to ensure everyone is on the same page!


Your home starts to take shape! We frame the walls, roofing, install exterior doors, cornice, brick skirt, and siding during this stage. Now is the perfect time to sign up to attend or watch the next upcoming Home Buying Seminar.


Mechanical rough-ins are installed and inspected: plumbing, HVAC, and electrical


This is your opportunity to walk through your home with your Site Builder before the drywall is installed. They will point out to you exactly what is in the “skeleton” of your home!


Your home is coming alive with your personal selections: we install interior trim and doors, insulation, wallboards, paint, fireplace, cabinets, ceramic tile, flooring, final interior finishes, appliances, and all final municipal mechanical inspections take place.


Your yard needs to look great, too! We complete your landscaping package and sod.



Schedule an appointment with your Sales Counselor for measuring windows for blinds, space for appliances, furniture pieces, and more. Make sure everything will fit in your new home!



We’re almost there – just some final cleaning and building inspections (QCI) by your builder. It’s time to have the utilities transferred into your name!


The final walkthrough takes place the day you close on your Napolitano Home. Your Site Builder will take you on a tour and explain the many features of your new home.


You did it! You visited the closing attorney after the Orientation Meeting and you received the keys to your brand new Napolitano Home!

Steps are subject to change based on community and stage of construction. See your Sales Consultant for details.

When you make a commitment to a new Napolitano Home, we make a commitment to you.
That is why after you close on your home, our warranty process will cover your home
with 12 Week and 11 Month Post-Closing Inspections.


Your first warranty review should be held around 12 weeks after closing. This is considered an adequate amount of time for you to become thoroughly familiar with your new home. Should
you have any warranted issues to report at this time, you may list them on the 12 Week Review Form, at our website or email your list to our warranty department.


Your second warranty review can be held after you have lived in your home for 11 months. This review follows the same process as your 12 Week Warranty Review. This is another opportunity for us to address any issues you may have with your home.



We know all these steps may seem a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry! Your Site Agent and everyone at Napolitano Homes is here to help answer your questions and make this process as easy for you as possible. You will also receive this schedule in your Orientation Package to refer to as we move with you through the steps towards your completed home.