February 8, 2024

Village Pointe: Choosing Your Home Plan

The layout of your home is an important decision to make. The way you live will influence the layout of your space. As such, choosing an optimal floor plan for your lifestyle is the priority. It’s all in the details and we have 4 distinct floor plans for you to consider: Amalfi, Mondovi, Salerno and Venosa. When it comes to your lifestyle, the room’s layout must consider the number of people in the household, as well as the ages of the children. Most families with young children combine the use of bedrooms and bathrooms into a single area. Meanwhile, some teenagers and young adults want to have their own private bedrooms. Flex space could be a plus for some families as well. Consider these factors on top of other lifestyle choices you may need.


Know How Often You Would like to Host Gatherings

There are numerous floor layouts for residences that are designed to frequently entertain and welcome guests. The entrance should be spacious enough to welcome visitors and should lead straight into an open living and dining space. Additionally, if your family values privacy, you might prefer the concept of having an enclosed space, like a study directly near the front door. This allows you to keep the rest of your home private while yet offering to seat your guests.


Flex Spaces

Family needs change. The playroom that seemed so important to a young family can easily be transformed into a teen area, game room or study den when toddlers become teenagers. Or, depending on its location, it might fulfill the need for a home office, art studio, library, indoor potting shed, or adult playroom once the kids have other interests or homes of their own.



When you’re looking at a floor plan, imagine yourself walking through the home. Go from the laundry room to putting the clothes away. Is it convenient? Does the flow of the kitchen to the dining area and great room feel right? Will the bedrooms afford privacy for the occupants? When you’re coming in with an armload of groceries, will you have an easy path to the kitchen?

Think about your current home and your needs. If you know the square footage of your current home, it can be helpful to look at the floor plan dimensions to understand the relative size of the room to ensure that there’s enough space for all your needs. As a homebuyer, it’s important to do research and utilize the expertise of the sales representative to discuss potential furniture placement.

Our home plans offer a variety of cozy spaces for you to personalize through the selections process. Designing your home is one of the most fun and exciting steps in building a new home. My goal is to assist you in selecting timeless finishes that you and your family will enjoy. I’m here to listen to your needs and help you navigate through the process while still making it a fun milestone to add to your volt of memorable experiences.


Jasmine Feliu,
Sales Consultant, Licensed Realtor®